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Morioka Zoological Park, ZOOMO, and its measures against COVID-19


About partial relaxation on measures against COVID-19 at Morioka Zoological Park, ZOOMO

Morioka City Zoological Park, ZOOMO, has re-opened starting June 1st. Since then, strict prevention measures against COVID-19 was put in place to protect both visitors and the animals.

However, partial relaxation against protective measures have started since July 1st. This is due to Iwate Prefecture Government and the city of Morioka having switched its prevention measures to a policy to prevent the spread of infection and to recover socio- economic activities. Please see the list below and cooperate to the “new prevention measure” to keep a safe environment for everyone to enjoy ZOOMO.


(NEW) Main Prevention Measures against the Spread of Infection

  • Staffs: Will wear Masks (face shield if necessary), wash and sanitizing hands thoroughly and frequently
  • Customers: Asked to wear masks
  • Customers: Each person will get their temperature measured prior to buying admission tickets
  • Sign asking for social distancing at the ticket booth
  • Hand Sanitizers (alcohol) for customers will be set in place
  • Regular announcements to avoid the 3Cs
  • Sign posted to keep social distance at each register
  • Plastic sheet set in place to prevent airborne infection
  • Reduce seats at restaurants to provide enough social distance
  • Reduce max capacity on shuttles to provide enough social distance
  • Regular disinfection and ventilation

(Discontinued) Parts of zoo will be blocked by chains from entry to keep distancing from animals
 (Discontinued) Various Planned Events


Request and Note to all visitors

  1. Please make sure to a wear mask when visiting
    (During hot weather, please do not forget to take off masks as necessary to prevent heat stroke)
  2. Please check your temperature prior to your arrival at the zoo
  3. Please cooperate with the staffs who will be taking temperature measurements of visitors upon arrival. If fever is detected upon arrival, entry will be denied.
  4. If you have a fever or symptoms of a cold, please refrain from visiting.
  5. Since June 19, travel across prefecture has become permitted. For those who have traveled to, or are traveling from places other than Iwate, please continue to be cautious of the infection information from your prior location and keep extra caution on social distancing.  
  6. Please wash and disinfect your hands frequently. Please feel free to use the sanitizing spray provided in numerous locations at the park.
  7. Please be aware and keep social distance between other guests to prevent the 3Cs (Crowded place, Conversation in short distance, Closed space with poor ventilation) and be respectful to others.
  8. The facility will regularly ventilate and disinfect the indoor area during operation.


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