▶【Event Report for Haiku Workshop】「テリーさんと作る!かんたん英語俳句&ステキな俳句帳」が開催されました。




 まず最初に,英語俳句のルールは日本のものとはだいぶ異なっていることを学びました。例えば日本俳句は一行で書きますが,英語俳句では三行で、また「5・7・5」では無く,「5以下の音節・7以下の音節・5以下の音節」で詠むそうです。早速「Summer Morning (夏の朝)」から始まる俳句をテーマに詠んでみましょうとテリーさん。日本俳句の形態に慣れた参加者の中には,「難しい・・・」と頭を抱える方も居ましたが,テリーさんの助言もありつつ,みんななんかとか最初の句を完成させることができました。家の中から見える庭の風景や,暑さや太陽と言った夏を思わせる単語を含んだ,夏の朝の情景が浮かぶような俳句がたくさんできあがりました。次のお題「小さな生き物をテーマにした,ユーモアを含んだ俳句」では,参加者の皆さんの圧倒的な成長にテリーさんもびっくり!最初はなかなか筆が進まなかった参加者も,最後には楽しそうに,テリーさんの自分の俳句に対する批評やアドバイスに聞き入っていました。





Terry Ann Carter Haiku Workshop

 A former president of Haiku Canada, Ms Terry Ann Carter visited Morioka, Iwate as one of the judges at First Morioka International Haiku Contest held on August 4th. Prior to the contest, she contributed to raise popularity of “English Haiku” which has been developed independently from the original style and is now affectionally known by people all over the world.

 The participants enjoyed leaning the unique world of English Haiku and challenged composing some English Haiku based on a couple of composition rules (theme) Terry Ann threw to them. One of the participants said “Because the structure of English Haiku is quite different from Japanese Haiku, I don’t know where to start”. Most of the participants in the workshop seemed struggled at the first to break out their traditional way of making haiku, however, they achieved the composition skill in such a short period of time by grace of the practical advices Terry Ann made for each participant.

 Terry Ann who is also known as a paper artist, taught the participants how to make a palm sized Haiku book suitable to hold one Haiku to summarize the haiku workshop.  The book is made out of a single paper and the participants decorated however they liked with some stamps, Japanese patterned paper, used stamps and so on. She also shared her technique to make some beautiful pieces of paper crafts to ornament the book that they can try at home.

 We witnessed some remarkable creativities, shared the sensitivity to capture the moments and heard lot of laugher throughout the workshop. Thank you Terry Ann, and can’t forget – Haiku for this beautiful experience!!!